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“It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

– Ibn Battuta,


This is a true and justified expression of my emotion and my story. With the opportunities given by life, I am blessed to experience India on Broadway. From my experiences, I can relate that in this modern digital India we have divided into two parts one traditional cultural India and the other is modern digital India.


Belonging to a family of a proud farmer I spent my childhood in a typical Indian joint family of traditional Cultural India. Where family traditions, rituals, and knowledge are passed by the wisdom and experience of our ancestors. 

Change is a part of life, for me traveling has been a big reason, I got to experience modern digital India, where knowledge flow in the “bolane Se Sab Hoga” style. Where information flowed in hashtags, twits, Comments & stories. Experience is defined by followers, subscribers & likes. Were influencers being the new definition of wisdom, where traditional joint families culture replaces by big digital communities’ culture.


In these two different India, I have experienced the difference in lifestyles, habits & rituals one of the biggest differences I figure out is the ability to get influenced. In this digital era, our current social and commercial constructs have adopted a modern advertisement-oriented approach over traditional research & experience-oriented approach in making our day-to-day choices and decision. This makes life easy but results in some choices that take us to shellfish road, which have distanced us from traditions & organic way of living. But being groomed in cultural India I opt to go a different path less traveled and explored in today’s modern digital world.


Born with the blood of farmers, I have developed deep love and passion for plants and nature, with my knowledge gained from my family rituals of passing the wisdom and experience of our ancestors about the age-old family recipes & practices handed down over generations, I chose to follow my passion with my education as mastery in botany, I have understood plants and their by-products very deeply and their vital role in our life, with all this experience in mind and with my small queries experiment to try different flavors of nature, I have developed my personal care regime in such a way that it is all-natural & free from chemical, that I’m using for years with my family, where I am working on my family so to embrace their lifestyle and serving my nature to save water of our daily use to be reuse in our house garden as manure for effective utilization of precious gift of our nature i.e. “Water”. With time this regime has been tried, tested, and adopted for their bath and skincare routines with astounding, sometimes even miraculous results by many known and unknown people, whom I meet during my journey of life, with this experience and endless encouragement from everyone around using my formula, and their inclination toward my recipe motivate me to spend sleepless nights for research and formulation, with many experiments, I have developed, tried and perfected the secret blends of complete organic and natural personal care regime. Which result in the birth of the idea of India’s first and only complete dry range of organic and natural personal care products brand. “Maatee Organic” Which is my brainchild and I am

Pallavi Rathore

Founder “Maatee Organic”

Derived by a passionate initiative to bring back our age-old organic & natural Indian traditions, living natural & organic is an experience to be cherished, treasured, and revisited, A habit that is as good for you, as it is for nature & feature itself.

Our Company

Since human civilization came into being, Earth shows maternal love to us as our mother, simply because it nurtures, sustains, and fulfills all our needs for survival. Our mothers & grandmothers have come to utilize these gifts that we get from Mother Earth to get the best that we deserve. At Maatee Organic, we strive to make our products from the same gifts that Mother Earth has blessed us with, and also with the same love, care, and technique that our grandmothers used. We believe this represents the way Mother Earth and our grandmothers have been taking care of us. Our goal at Maatee Organic is to provide you with unique and undiscovered organic, natural, handcrafted, and handmade products, blessed with the same love and care that Mother & Mother Earth gifted us, with our objective.

“…From Mother Earth, With Mother’s Love…”

We don’t simply call our products organic. We justify that name with our products and the way our products are made, and we let you be the judge of it. We're always experimenting with our ingredients with natural and traditional age-old techniques of the skincare regime used by our grandmothers, to see how they may best benefit us and bring us closer to Mother Earth. We have diligently spent time studying and understanding the physical, chemical, and natural properties of each and every ingredient that we use in our products and are in use for the last several years by our ancestors. We've also worked very hard to ensure that our products allow you to experience & bring nature to us in its purest & most unadulterated form possible. with our principle.

“Transparent Cycle Of Soil-Shelf-Soil”

Every ingredient that aids you in getting healthier skin is available in nature. We are firmly against the belief that labs can produce better ingredients than Mother Earth herself. We call that over-optimism. With the gifts from Mother Earth that we put in our products, we are constantly innovating and designing, while still keeping the environment and sustainability in our minds. Our products are free of any synthetic chemical ingredients, and they are made without any sort of chemicals involved in general processing. We promise to deliver the product to you in its best, most organic, and natural state for your daily use by one and all. We understand the values and power of Zero and understand its placement at the right place with our values.

“100% Natural, 0% Chemical, 0% pollution”

As we find our way, we don’t limit ourselves to delivering just good quality natural and organic products inside packaging. Where we deliver the best ingredients in our products that are fully organic, free from any preservatives or essential oils, and have 0% chemicals in them. Along with this, in order to achieve 0% Pollution, we have come up with a unique way of packaging and branding our products, that are 100% eco-friendly, 100% sustainable, 100% bridgeable, and above all are 100 percent reusable that male it as a 0% money waste product. We believe in producing natural and organic products while still starving to achieve as much carbon-negative footprint process cycle as much as possible. with our mission.

“Organic Inside, Organic Outside”

We believe our Mother earth deserves to be treated with respect. We hope to treat our planet with the love and respect that it deserves because at the end of the day we will all benefit from it. The human race as humanity is one big global family, and what we as individuals do can affect the entire inhabitants of Mother Earth. We are all one with Mother Earth, and cannot be separated from it. Here at Maatee Organic, we are driven by compassion – not only for each other but for everyone and everything around us. We are hoping to continue with our non-exploitative product cycles and hope everyone around should start working on the same. At Maatee Organic, we at Maatee Organic envision making people aware, that living a natural, chemical-free life, is really not that difficult to achieve. We have assessed the difficult part of the availability and process of making such organic and natural products on our own and we at Maatee Organic bridge this difficult part for you by gifting you the experience & goodness of nature through our product, With our core philosophy.


We HOPE that all of us are able to find our way to connect with Mother Earth, in whichever way is possible for us.

Living naturally and organically is hope and experience to be cherished, treasured, and revisited.

A habit that is as good for you, as it is for nature & feature itself.

Let us begin with one small step towards natural personal care routine…

Let us take… #NoChemicalChallenge … to a new level…

We sincerely thank you for being a part of our journey.

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